Sandhu Dental Group Sets You Up for Success

Sandhu Dental Group is a unique opportunity for dentists who like to be leaders of successful dental practices. Sandhu Dental Group will provide you with tools and an environment to reach your career potential as a dentist... and enjoy the experience.

How does it Work?

The successful candidates are placed at one of our strategically-located practices in the greater Ottawa region. You work under a mentorship of a senior dentist who is there to help you gain confidence with your dental skills. Parallel to this, you are provided ongoing training in various areas that you will need to become an effective leader of your dental practice. We take care of the marketing and the business management to the practice so that you can focus on doing great dentistry and providing care to your patients.

Why Patients Choose Sandhu Dental Group

You must not worry about not having patients. Sandhu Dental practices are an easy choice for patients for the following 7 reasons:

  1. Location – the practices are located in strategic, semi-rural rapidly-growing communities where the demand for dentists is higher. Furthermore, these prime locations are easily accessible for the patients.
  2. One-stop-shop – we provide a greater amount of treatments in-house. The patients appreciate the convenience of having their work done at our practices rather than having to wait for a referral and visit another practice.
  3. Modern practice – our practice provides the patients with the latest technologies including digital x-rays, intra-oral cameras and patient education software.
  4. Pleasant environment - the layout, decoration and the interior design of the practice make the patients feel like they are in a spa rather than a dental office.
  5. Attractive financing plans – we are one of very few practices that provide a zero % financing plans for the patients, which allows dentistry to be affordable.
  6. Marketing – Sandhu Dental Group is very active on the marketing front – from mass mailers to radio ads – you can ensure that people in the community are aware of your dental practice
  7. Strong Team – Sandhu Dental Group not only hires the right people, but ensures that the good people stay with the practice and excel at what they do. From continuing education to attractive bonus and other perks, employees are happy and motivated to work hard for you and provide the patients with an ultimate dental experience.

There are many other perks of working with Sandhu Dental Group. If you are interested in propelling your career forward send you resume to us and we'll take it from there!

Donation to Charlie Smith

Dentistry at Brockville owners R. Sandhu, left and G. Sandhu, right, give Charlie Smith a cheque for $6,000 towards his 'Fight to be Upright'. The office took donations in the month of November in amount of $3,000, then matched the funds.

"When we first heard about Charlie we knew we needed to be a part of helping his cause"
said R. Sandhu.