Why would I consider selling my practice to Sandhu Dental Group?

Dear Doctor,

We understand that selling a practice is not as easy as giving the keys away to the highest bidder. Your practice is a showcase of your hard work, dedication and achievement and your employees and patients are your second family. You have worked a great part of your life providing great care to people who have put their faith and trust in you. You have some patients who have shared their most intimate information with you. You have a dedicated team of individuals who have been by your side through the good and the tough times and who will miss you the day you retire. Selling a practice is an emotional roller coaster and finding a good buyer who will take care of your patients and your staff isn't easy.

We are not practice brokers or transitions consultants. We don’t take any commission or charge you fees. Our goal is to ensure that your legacy lives on, and that your patients, especially the ones who have been with you for a very long time and your staff will be in the best hands.

At Sandhu Dental Group we teach our dentists not only the skills to become great clinicians, but also great people-persons. We screen all dentists carefully before hiring them to make sure they have the skills and a good heart to be able to take over a practice like yours.

We can also see the hidden value in your practice. Unlike some of the brokers that place the value on the number of patients, we can appreciate the quality of the patients and the employees you have maintained over the years.

Another great thing about Sandhu Dental is that it provides comprehensive dentistry to rural areas. By making the practices a one-stop shop, the patients don't have to wait for their referral. We go beyond making it convenient for the patients – we are improving their lifestyles.

If you are thinking about selling your practice give us a call. See what we can offer and see if this is a possibility for you.