Waterlase Dentistry


Typically when most people think of the going to the dentist, quite often fear is associated with their thoughts.  We tend to remember bad experiences rather than the good ones.  We think of the high pitch sound of the drill, and  of course the needle.  Fortunately times are changing in dentistry and we now have more advanced technology to help reduce the fear in dental patients.

Waterlase dentistry is a laser energy combined with water used to perform a wide range of dental procedures. It is an extremely precise and accurate device allowing the dentist to take a conservative approach with all dental treatment.  We are proud to offer this remarkable technology for our patients at Dentistry @ Brockville.

Our main goal is to keep our patients relaxed and comfortable.  The waterlase assists us in keeping this goal.  It doesn’t make a high pitched sound like the traditional handpiece or cause vibration or pressure. 
It allows us to use fewer injections for anesthesia and quite often no injections are required for children’s dental treatment. 
This is a great benefit because the dentist can perform cavity preparations in all areas of the mouth in one visit. As well as avoid that annoying sensation of numb lips.  Waterlase dentistry also allows a dentist to perform procedures that he/or she may have referred to specialists in the past, such as crown lengthening.  It is a very versatile and conservative tool. The healing period after surgeries is remarkably quicker because there is less trauma to the gum tissue when the Waterlase is used unlike the scalpel and traditional drill.